Stormmedial — Should You Trust This Company?

Stormmedial has been into some serious complaints recently especially in the PayPal community page. There have been reports that this supposedly online company does not deliver on their promises.

People have been saying that they have ordered products from the Stormmedial but never got it. Or that they find that it has been delivered, but nothing really showed up on their front door.

Well, today, we will talk about some points on this subject so that people will have more understanding of how Stormmedial works.

What is Stormmedial?

Stormmedial is actually the Storm Media Ltd. They specialized in digital products and offered it on both online and offline platform.

Stormmedial uses PayPal as its online mode of payment. So if you ever find Stormmedial on your bank account statement or credit card statement, you probably availed one of their products. So if that is the case, then seeing Stormmedial on your statement should just be normal.

Now, if this is your first time to find out about Stormmedial and they managed to charge your account, that’s worrisome. You should do something about it.

What to do?

When you find that you have been charged with money by Stormmedial, try to recall if it is legit. Make sure that you have actually purchased their products in the recent transactions you have made.

If nothing comes to mind, you should immediately call your credit card or bank hotline to dispute the charge. You could just be a victim of a scam.

Another issue with Stormmedial is the fact that they have a bad reputation. According to our research, a lot of their transactions are either fraud or unreliable. This means that some customers bought stuff from them, but they were not able to deliver the product. They took the money, but nothing came to the customer.

In Conclusion

Since Stormmedial is not particularly a good choice for online purchases, we will suggest avoiding them for now. It could be that they just have poor customer service and the bad intention is not naturally there.

So until they fix this issue from their side of the business, try not to do transactions with them. After all, your hard-earned money deserves to be treated with respect because you worked hard and earned it. So in order avoid being scammed, use other merchants that have a better reputation at the moment.

Now, since you are here, what is your issue with Stormmedial? Why do you think that you need to find out these details about them? Tell us in the comment section your experiences from them. This way, more people will learn about their way of business and if it has improved ever since.

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